The 40 Best Free Online Scheduling Tools


We’ve all had the email thread that went way too long because we were trying to find a time to schedule a meeting with someone.

Many people in sales know what I’m talking about. The sales reps that are beating their quota, minimizing their no show rate, and beating their demo to customer conversion percentages are the ones that make it the easiest for new potential customers to get on their calendar.

Enter appointment scheduling software.

I do over 100 podcast interviews every month and use this scheduling software to “Batch” my interviews so that I get 20 guests perfectly lined up, back to back. It means I get to use my time super efficiently and maximize my “blank calendar time” as well.

These are the 40 free online scheduling tools that other entreprenuers, sales reps, and CEO’s I know use. We’ll start with the one I use to schedule demo calls and guests for my podcast.

  1. Acuity Scheduling, love that I can set up different appointment types which all have different availability. As a busy entrepreneur, helps me to batch meetings more effectively so I have more free time.
  2. SetMore, used by Farber and company they have a nice free offering with paid upgrades to unlock new features that automate administrative tasks.
  3. Doodle Scheduling, their pool feature allows you to pick a time for a group meeting in a much more efficient way. Premium option allows for custom branding.
  4. Calendly, nice integrations with Stripe and over 700 other tools via Zapier.
  5. Appointy, focuses on niche specific use cases in education, medicine, fitness, along with Salon owners and beauty houses.
  6. Schedulista: SMS support on this is nice. If you’re a brick and mortar location you can also charge for no shows.
  7. Appointlet, built for sales people to help them schedule and close demos.
  8. AppointmentPlus, nice touch that they have free onboarding, coaching, and training. Over 300m appointments booked to date.
  9. Bookeo, focuses on classes and courses along with tours and activities. Based in Sydney. 24m bookings processed.
  10. TimeTap, two way calendar sync and ability to export to excel two pluses.
  11. Visibook, bonus that it comes with a mobile app to make appointment management easier.
  12. FullSlate, reminders reduce no shows. Have a nice web interface that makes it easier to batch all of your appointments.
  13., 30 day trial allows you to get in and play around. Analytics back end a nice touch to track things like no show rate.
  14. MindBody, public company with an enterprise focus. Appointment scheduling is one of their embedded point solutions. Focused on Wellness industry exclusively.
  15. HitAppoint, built for the services industry. 30 day money back guarantee is a nice touch.
  16. TimeTrade, built for marketing, sales, and customer support. Online appointment scheduling option.
  17. Cirrus Insight, built for salespeople this appointment scheduler is build in to a full product suite meant for closing more deals.
  18. Verlocal Pro, CRM and free appointment booking software in one.
  19., acquired by Cirrus Insight, book meetings inside of Gmail.
  20. Set a Time, built for sports, medical, education, and beauty industries. SMS reminders decrease no show rates.
  21., get your own personal link so you’re always ready to book an appointment. Analytics backend will help you do it more efficiently.
  22. Schedulicity, marketplace to get listed in if you’re a service provider tied to a location. They’ll drive you appointments and revenue.
  23. Boomerang Calendar, built specifically for gmail users to save time from going between your email inbox and your google calendar.
  24. MeetingBird, adds your calendar to the sidebar of your gmail inbox for quicker scheduling.
  25. Planyo, nice language support across 30 different dialects. Reports and statistics on backend help with scheduling efficiency and if you charge for appointments they’ve got deep integration to multiple payment gateways.
  26. Artichoke, many different tools for entrepreneurs with team sizes under 10 people. Online scheduling is one of their core offerings.
  27. Scheduly, free online scheduler for the service industry. Easy to get started.
  28., super clean design with offerings on web and iphone app. Nice set of features including group meetings and 1 on 1 options.
  29., very similar to Acuity Scheduling. Over 700k bookings per month happen through this platform.
  30. Timify, nice embeddable scheduling widget for your website. Best fit for those selling hour long sessions that require payment. Desktop, mobile, and tablet apps.
  31. MyTime, similar to Schedulicity this is a marketplace for service providers to list what they offer. When consumers travel, they’ll use MyTime to then find and book your service.
  32. SuperSaaS, deep integrations across many different niche language markets. Also free online scheduler option for paid appointments.
  33. ScheduleOnce, built for consultants and coaches with booking pages that are highly customizable.
  34. BookedIn, super click Web, iOS, and Android options. Focused and built for the service industry like makeup artists and salons.
  35. Setster, really nice API for partners to plug into. Comes with standard set of features like payment integration.
  36. vCita, full suite of SMB online business tools. Maybe more than what you’re looking for but scheduling tool is easy to use and seamlessly integrates into other core product offerings.
  37. BookSteam, booking software used by over 10,000 business professionals. Easy ways to also collect reviews, immediately book followup appointments.
  38. GenBook, booking software for salons, spas, barbers, massage therapists, and nail technicians.
  39. YellowSchedule, had to throw in a HIPAA compliant option as we round out our list. Reduce no shows with automatic reminders and leverage their mobile app for scheduling on the go.
  40. Gigabook, loads of 3rd party integrations. Premium features like customized booking pages start at $7/mo.

There you have it. Whether you’re looking for customized, white labeled booking pages, or the ability to set up multiple calendars and appointment types on one account, there is something in this list of top online scheduling apps for everyone.