How to Launch a Website

The first step to making money online or launching your own brand is to build your own website.  This post is a guide to getting your website live and your personal brand on the internet.

The first step is to buy a domain name.  This is the name of your website and should be an indication of what your site entails.  If you dont already, you should buy “yourname”.com.  Even if you are not going to use the domain, it is a great investment.

For many of my domains and hosting I use HostGator (cheapest and fastest – plus I just wanted to get WordPress installed).

I suggest buying a .com top level domain as it is the most common.


Once you have a domain you need to buy serverspace to host the domain on.  I personally use the Baby plan.  Once you have the server space and domain name you will just have to set up a few things to get everything running.

First point your  domain name at the right nameserver.  Login to your Hostgator page, go to domains, and add in your servers namespaces addresses.  This takes a few hours to take change so the following stuff we do wont show for a little.


Next you need to add your sites content.  You can either code out the whole site in HTML, PHP, jQuery, and all that fun stuff or you can use WordPress a simple website framework.  We are going to use WordPress because it’s simple and works well.

In HostGators menu go to Hosting, Software and Services, and then click on the quick install button to get to the WordPress install guide.  It’s a simple click and you are done. Untitled

You get an email with you login information and once the nameserver we added earlier takes affect you can go and start making posts and adding content to your site.