How to Use to 10k List to Drive $880k Launch with Kimra Luna

Kimra Luna The Top Podcast Episode 142

In Episode #138, Nathan speaks with Kimra Luna, a personal branding and online business strategist who helps freedom-seeking entrepreneurs to stand out and monetize their authentic brands. Listen as Nathan and Kimra talk about Be True, Brand You, a signature program that is the culmination of Kimra’s extensive experience in online marketing.

Famous 5

  • Favorite Book?— Don’t have one
  • What CEO do you follow?— Nope, don’t have one
  • What is your favorite online tool?— Leadpages
  • Do you get 8 hours of sleep?— No, she’s got three children. (Whew!)
  • If you could let your 20 year old self know one thing, what would it be?— Go for it! Don’t hold back. Just go for it.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:00 – Nathan’s introduction to today’s show
  • 01:44 – Kimra joins the show
  • 01:54– Kimra sells a signature program called Be True, Brand You
  • 02:03 – In her first year of business, she made 880K in sales from the program
  • 02:42 – Before the program, Kimra was a health and wellness food blogger
  • 03:31 – Sales page for program not up currently – the program runs for short periods per year
  • 04:00 – Kimra’s website was designed by Diane and Peach – it’s hand drawn
  • 05:17 – Kimra goes over all her expenses for her program (facebook ads, team, copywriting, sales page, brand video, photoshoot)
  • 07:23 – At first, Kimra’s ad revenue was used for previously familiar audiences
  • 08:45 – In February, Kimra’s list was 10K-11K, by end of launch, 12K.
  • 09:19 – Advertising for her webinar is kept below 2 dollars per conversion (people who saw it)
  • 10:48 – Audience members usually purchased a product after watching 4 webinars
  • 11:16 – 1500-2000 members register for each webinar, about half of them show up
  • 11:30 – The webinars are about 90 minutes long and cover a wide variety of topics
  • 12:03 – Kimra doesn’t do sales on the webinar event, but usually the demand is much more massive last minute
  • 13:07 – Luckily because most of Kimra’s list is in her Facebook community, she doesn’t have to email much
  • 14:03 – The 2K digital course buys into a membership site with videos covering the ins and outs of online marketing – Kimra also answers individual questions from members
  • 16:00 – Kimra grew her group and list simultaneously
  • 18:13 – Famous Five

3 Key Points:

  1. Demand for sales on the internet usually grows exponentially right before closing hours.
  2. Growing a community based on Facebook ads and other means can be achieved for less than 2$ per conversion.
  3. For those just starting out, remember to go for it! Don’t hold back.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Growth Geeks – The way Nathan hires growth hackers on a per project basis for things like info graphics, blog posts, and other growth projects
  • com – Kimra’s website
  • Diane and Peach – People who designed Kimra’s website
  • LeadPages – Kimra’s favorite online tool

Kimra Luna is a personal branding and online business strategist who helps freedom-seeking entrepreneurs to stand out, captivate their audiences’ attention and monetize their authentic brands online.
In 2014 and after being on government welfare for over 4½ years, Kimra defied the odds grew her business from zero to $880k in sales in the less than a year.
You can find Kimra on YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and of course Facebook where she consistently provides advice and guidance to her group The Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind.


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