How ShareThis Is Pivoting To A B2B SaaS Data Play


Prior to joining ShareThis, Kurt served as CEO at (Living Social). Kurt also served as a Director at Google, managing the direct sales channel for publishers & global launch of AdSense, the COO of Jupiter Communication and President at Jupiter Media Metrix.

How do you make money?

They make money by licensing the data. Publishers use for free and ShareThis gets audience data. These are big publishers like TMZ but a vast majority are small blogs.

An example client is LiveRamp. ShareThis puts there data into LiveRamp and others can access it via LiveRamp to buy.

LiveRamp can pay a fixed fee (SaaS) or also on a CPM basis. $1-$3 CPM if customers want to buy on CPM basis. Historically it’s been CPM, they are transitioning to a SaaS model.

Fixed fee SaaS model folks pay between $10-15k per month. Sales cycles can last up to 6 months.

How did Kurt transition in as CEO?

It happened in 2011. Tim, founded the company in 2007, scaled the business trying to figure out the business model.

Kurt launched AdSense at Google and Tim recruided Kurt to become CEO of the company in 2011 and shift business model.

Over last 18 months, they are focusing on selling data on flat monthly fee business model.

$0 to $3m in ARR in 18 months on new business model

2 years from now, more than 80% of revenue will be on new SaaS business model.

These are all

16:20 old stream doing between $10-$100m before transition away from this started.

16:44 SaaS model will be main revenue stream starting in 2018. Will make up majority.

Book: Radical Candor

CEO: Jeff Bezos

Tool: Slack

Sleep: 7

Kurt is 56 years old with 2 kids and wishes his 20 year old self knew that its ok to make mistakes!