The Top Podcast: Audio Monthly Income Reports Sorted by Types of Business


The Top Podcast is a 15 minute, daily podcast where the worlds top entrepreneurs are asked “How much money did your business do last month and how”. This leads to revealing data, uncomfortable debates when guests don’t share data, and a whole bunch of meaty learning.



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I’ve tried all sorts of clever ways to make it easy for you to find the episode you want and this public Google Doc is the easiest. Click and then you can sort each episode by popularity, 2015 revenue of the guest, favorite book, favorite tool and more:

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Episode 0 where I explain who the show is for and not for:

Below, I’ve sorted the episodes so you can easily find what you like whether it’s:

  1. The strategies, finances, and tactics behind the worlds most successful book launches
  2. Revenue numbers from worlds largest info-products, podcast strategies, and million dollar launches
  3. Software as a Service (SaaS) (LTV, CAC, ARPU numbers in each episode)
  4. Student Startups and Investors
  5. $100m+ Exit Stories, Mergers and Acquisitions
  6. Selling out Events and masterminds
  7. The worlds smartest crowdfunders spill beans on successful Kickstarter, Indigogo crowdfunding
  8. Art of margins around physical product sales and ecommerce
  9. Passive income real estate businesses
  10. Marketplace business models
  11. Billion dollar businesses and their CEO’s come on the show
  12. Get More Impressions Businesses (Blogs, Consumer Apps)
  13. Agency models
  14. Artists and creatives who aren’t broke and how they did it

Here the are:

Authors and Book Launches:

**FEATURED: 36 Jay Papasan: If You Want to Sell 27,000 Books In One Week, Do These 3 Things with Jay Papasan

208 Chris Guillebeau: The Art of a Profitable Book Launch with Born For This Author Chris (Coming soon on iTunes here)

197 Jay Baer: How To Make $500k/year Podcasting With Best Selling Author Jay Baer

144 Yanik Silver: Book launch and $2m towards Impact with Yanik Silver

126 Bryan Kramer: How I wrote my first book in 4 days and sold 15,000 copies

116 Michael Port: Get $25k First Book Advance and Sell 500,000 Copies with Michael Port

107 Jason Zook: Did going through 3 dads make you more creative? With Jason Zook

82 Dorie Clark: Charge $10k/ speech and sell 30,000 Books with Dorie Clark

78 Peter Shankman: He’s used ADHD and smarts to sell his business, feed his cats

77 Justin Mares: He’s 25, has sold a company for $12m, and just got a six figure book deal

29 David Hancock: Story Behind Brendan Burchards $2.1m Book Deal With His First Publisher with David Hancock

The Top Podcast Review 1

Infoproduct launches, Event Marketing, Podcast Strategy, Million Dollar Masterminds

**FEATURED: 195 Margaret Brown: $120k, Hustle, and a Hugely Successful Digital Magazine with Margaret Brown or Podster

182 Lila Zimmerman: 19 years old, in college, has sales, will she drop out?

179 Aaron Fifield: The Art of Saying No to Revenue

174 Joseph Michael: You made $500k teaching Scrievener? Why not just acquire Scrivener?

164 Alex Blumberg: He Makes $1m+ Per Podcast, Has Launched 5, and Raised $6m+. Here’s How He Did It with Alex Blumberg of Gimlet

162 Harry Campbell: Will Uber Acquire You?

147 Troy Dean: Would you sell to WP Engine for $1m?

142 Kimra Luna: How to Use to 10k List to Drive $880k Launch with Kimra Luna

141 Stig Brodersen: Why did you quit a $100k+ Energy Commodity Trading Job for Teaching?

133 Amy Porterfield: Here’s How I Did $900k+ On My Last Launch

130 Amy Schmittauer: Why run a membership site instead of software?!

119 James Swanwick: Fat to $14k/mo With the 30 Day Challenge and James Swanwick

115 Darren Rowse $1.3m Per Year with 950,000 Person List with ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse

114 Corbett Barr: $70k/mo Business To Kill Slime Like Tai Lopez with Corbett Barr

111 Tom Ziglar Adding 3000 Emails Per Week Buildling Ziglar Empire with Tom Ziglar

100 Erin Chase: Couldn’t Afford Groceries ’08, Now Mom Makes $200k/year

97 Kavit Haria: Spent $8000 in fb ads for $2,500,000 in revenue

92 Jonathan Goodman: $300k in 9 days from small Iceland hut

87 Elliott Hulse: Making $80k/mo After being $90k in Debt with Elliot Hulse

83 Laura Belgray: Work with Bravo, HBO, and Make $30k/mo With Service Business

81 Billy Murphy: How to Get 9,000 Emails Leads from Instagram

71 Charlie Houpert: How to Pre-Sell 25 People a $500 Course While on Vacation

66 Tanner Larsson: He made $240k on one 3 hour webinar by getting 20% of attendees to buy $1k product!

49 Nathan Chan: Getting 25k Readers to Pay $2.99/mo In App Store for Magazine with Nathan Chan

48 Jonny Nastor: This Podcaster Gets 8k Downloads/Episode and a Copyblogger Partnership with Jon Nastor

45 Tai Lopez: Nathan: “Tai, no one thinks you actually own that Lamborghini, do you?”

43 Louis Lautman: Stupid or Brilliant? Turn 30 and Spend All Your Money On a $250k Movie with Louis Lautman

34 Neville Medora: Greedy Indian: “The Plumbers Love Me and My Email Marketing!” with Neville Medora

27 Todd Herman: Billionaire and Royal family coach put in $56k got $556k back 30 days later with Todd Herman

24 Sue Zimmerman: The Funnel That Works for $997 Products with Sue Zimmerman

21 John Lee Dumas: From Afgahnistan to #1 Podcast and $500k/mo (and a brilliant pre-launch!) with John Lee Dumas

20 Jordan Harbinger Making $64k/week with Live Events and 8 Men with Jordan Harbinger

17 Sean Malarkey: Secrets of How $97 LinkedInfluence Course Hit 20,000 Customers Last Month With Sean Malarkey

12 Carrie Wilkerson: How to Command $12k Per Speech and Always Be In Demand with Carrie Wilkerson

11 Tracy Matthews: How this Jewelery Membership Site 3x Customer Lifetime Value with Tracy Matthews

6 Bob Burg: How To Sell 1.5m Books and Command $20k Keynotes With The Ultimate Go-Giver Bob Burg

5 Kevin Wilke: The Only Tactic Kevin Wilke used to get 5000 perfect customers

2 Dane Maxwell Man Tells Me He Loves Me, Makes $5m

1 Kim Garst: How Kim Garst Makes $23k/mo With a $47/mo Membership Site

The Top Podcast Review 2

Software as a Service (SaaS) (LTV, CAC, ARPU numbers in each episode)

**FEATURED: 117 Ankur Nagpal He made $2m at 21 then quit for Teachable, worth $30m?

205 Andrea Loubier She’s Built a $500k/year Company in Bali Looking for $8m Pre-Money Valuation with Andrea Loubier of MailBird (Coming soon on iTunes here)
203 Ben Fisher Getting Your First $10k/mo In Revenue with Ben Fisher of (Coming soon on iTunes here)
201 Matt Berman The Art of Your First 120 Customers With Matt Berman of Sonar
200 Olivier Pailhes Would You Sell for $6m Today? No. With Olivier Pailhes of
193 Jared Fuller How PandaDoc Will Hit $10m ARR This Year
190 Matt Smith How Grew to $50k/mo, 500,000 users, $1.2m Raised
186 Josh Reeves He’s 32 and raised $136m in Funding But It’s About More Than That
173 Jason Coleman He plans to be #1 WordPress Membership Plugin by 2017
172 Matthew Bellows Yesware 2016 Goal? $30m Annual Run Rate with CEO Matthew Bellows
170 Landon Ray Would you sell Ontraport to Oracle for $100m today?
169 Laura Roeder From InfoProduct to $2.2m SaaS Business With 11 Month Old
156 Jonathon Ende From 0 to $2m SaaS Company in 2 Years with Seamless Docs Jonathan Ende
151 Evi Meyer Quit $100k job, raised $5.2m, will people pay $150/yr for iphone App?
148 Jay Bean From $250k+ Salary, to 4 years making nothing, to $30m+ Payday in SMB World with Jay Bean
143 Pam O’Hara $1000 worst CAC, $42 RPU, and around 10,000 paying customers with BatchBook
137 Russell Brunson We just turned down a $35m acq. offer
127 Neylan McBaine She Buried $10k Under a Rose Bush and will do $1m+ in 2016
125 Gautam Tambay Will He Take Down Udemy? $100k/mo Already with Gautam Tambay
124 Derek Bluford He’s 28 and said no to a $14m buy out offer – crazy?
118 Aaron Ross 12 Kids, Took Salesforce to $100m ARR, 50,000 Books Sold
110 Anurag Agarwal He gave up a $1m wall street salary for nature with Anurag Agarwal
105 David Abrams He did $35k in October and is buildling to sell with David Abrams
103 Dean Levitt How MadMimi Does $500k/mo in Revenue and Sold to GoDaddy with Dean Levitt
93 Ajay Prasad I offered him $2m for his business on the podcast
79 Brad Martineau His Brother Fired him from infusionsoft, he’ll do $3.1m this year from $12k per person events
73 Jim Fowler Salesforce bought his company for $175m in 2010, What’s he doing now?
70 Armando Biondi He’s built on Facebook with a $100 ARPU, $1000 LTV and a $1.8m run rate
68 Zvi Band 4% churn, $1500 LTV, and $700k+ per month in revenue with Contactually Founder Zvi Band
65 Sean Cohen “Is Aweber Going Being Acquired?” with Sean Cohen
56 Cam Doody This 30 Year Old Makes $450k/WEEK From This Small Tennessee Town? With Cam Doody
53 Robert Caruso Nathan: “Will you sue Hootsuite?” “Yes!” with Robert Caruso
40 Chad Newell How to Mini-IPO your SaaS Business without IPOing and with $40k+/mo in MRR
39 Crystal Huang She Does $171k/mo and is CRUSHING Most Men In The Startup Space with Crystal Huang
33 Alex Moore How HD TV Negotiator Launches $3.5m ARR Email Productivity SaaS Company (and keeps it secret!) With Alex Moore
32 Anthony Zang He pays college students $3 to build business for him with Anthony Zang
28 Hiten Shah $10.8m Raised with KissMetrics VS. Self Funded CrazyEgg with SaaS King Hiten Shah
14 Sean Wycliffe How affiliates and movie theaters built this $240k/mo business
3 Peter Shallard From $0 to $37k/mo with Peter Shallard from

The Top Podcast Review 3

Startups and Investors

**FEATURED: 152 Nick Sonnenberg He traded $1 TRILLION in BlackPools, Quit Seven Figure Salary for App Startup

206 Scott Hansbury How to Bet On Poker Players and Make Money with Scott Hansbury of YouStake (Coming soon on iTunes here)
204 Daniel Brusilovsky From 0 to 1 Billion Impressions With Imoji Founders Daniel and Jason (Coming soon on iTunes here)
188 Eran Eyal They hit $100k/mo in revenue in 2015, now raising $2.5m round of funding
183 Jules Hill Startup COO Leaves after 500 Accelerator, Left with 1% Equity
176 Jeff Goldenberg His company has lended $400m via unique canadian model
152 Nick Sonnenberg He traded $1 TRILLION in BlackPools, Quit Seven Figure Salary for App Startup
146 Liz Picarazzi Mom left 6 six figure American Express Job for Handyman Business?
131 Jon Colgan “Can you help me sue verizon? I mean big league.”
122 Jarie Bolander Healthcare Startup Raises $420k To Handle Your Blood with Jarie Bolander
104 Amol Sarva How’d you invest $1.5m in 40 different companies?
99 Jay Po will Pinterest IPO in 2016 w $4b VC
98 John Frye “Did ABC Reality Show Kill Your Startup?” w/ John Frye
95 Garrett Dunahm Topless lady tanks billionare and $250k contract
85 Jeffrey Zurofsky Going from 1 To 17 Restaurants and Landing a Bravo TV Show with Jeffrey Zurofsky
80 Murray Newlands 3 months in and 75,000 users with Murray Newlands
64 Devon Tivona How to get 50% of your beta users to pay for your SaaS product with Devon Tivona
55 Paul Singh “Did Investors Make Money When you Sold Distruption to 1776?” with Paul Singh
47 Micha Mikailian Should You Use This New “Convertible Note” Format When You Raise Money with Micha Mikailian
23 Ben Williamson He worked with Steve at Apple, then made this 1m download sensation with Ben Williamson
19 Jake Cohen CBS Exec Rakes in $62m, then baby pops out with Jake Cohen

The Top Podcast Review 4


Exit Stories, Mergers and Acquisitions

**FEATURED: 73 Jim Fowler Salesforce bought his company for $175m in 2010, What’s he doing now?

184 Nathan Latka Sold Heyo, Here’s What’s Next
177 Nathan Latka My decision. Should I sell Heyo or not.
171 Nathan Latka We got an offer to sell Heyo
167 Eran Eyal How do You Sell for $90m with NO REVENUE?!
166 Frank Meehan Were you ever surprised at a Spotify Board Meeting?
148 Jay Bean From $250k+ Salary, to 4 years making nothing, to $30m+ Payday in SMB World with Jay Bean
135 Hampus Jackobsson I sold my company for $150m to Blackberry then got out!
121 Chad Wittman 26 Year Old Sells EdgeRank Checker for $3m with Chad Wittman
112 Ethan Anderson He Built Google Video, Then Youtube Happened, Sold for $70m with Ethan Anderson
103 Dean Levitt How MadMimi Does $500k/mo in Revenue and Sold to GoDaddy with Dean Levitt
73 Jim Fowler Salesforce bought his company for $175m in 2010, What’s he doing now?
41 Tim Fargo He went from bankrupt in 1991 to $XX Million dollar sale in 2003 in THIS industry?

The Top Podcast Review 6

Selling out Events and masterminds

**FEATURED: 140 Ryan Moran The Sales Numbers, Expenses, and Revenues From Freedom Fast Lane Event in Austin 

180 Sheevaun Moran She Focuses on Energy and Did $1.2m Last Year
140 Ryan Moran Do you actually own your Tesla?
108 Philip Taylor How FinCon Sells 900 tickets at $240 Each wtih Philip Taylor
79 Brad Martineau His Brother Fired him from infusionsoft, he’ll do $3.1m this year from $12k per person events
69 Hollis Carter How to charge 110 people $3k for a 2 day mastermind
67 Sean Gallagher “We’ve Kicked 150 People Out of Our Mastermind” with Sean Gallagher
61 Rich Brooks How to run a profitable conference at $200 a ticket with Rich Brooks
58 Jayson Gaignard The Secret to Profitable, $1,000,000 Events with Jayson Gaignard
54 Joe Pulizzi How to get 3000 people to pay $1,100 to crush a $3.2M event with Joe Pulizzi
52 Stephanie Nickolich How to Sell a $2k, 8 week Bootcamp Over and Over with Stephanie Nickolich
51 Los Silva Build or Join A $888k Mastermind Group You Can Be Proud Of with Los Silva
44 Nick Unsworth His Event is Free, So How Does He Make $800k Every Time? With Nick Unsworth
37 Scott Gerber HOW THE?! A 1600 Member Organization With 90%+ Annual Retention with Scott Gerber
20 Jordan Harbinger Making $64k/week with Live Events and 8 Men with Jordan Harbinger

The Top Podcast Review 6


**FEATURED: 178 Zach Smith The $40m Genius Behind Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

192 Cathryn + Allen How to Sell 10,000 Best Self Journals (and a surprise)
178 Zach Smith The $40m Genius Behind Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns
15 Daniel Vitiello How 5000 Instagram followers generated $309k in presales of THIS?
13 Christian Johan $1M Indigogo Crowdfunding Campaign Started With a Scary High Tide

The Top Podcast Review 7

Physical Products and Ecommerce

**FEATURED: 175 Allon Bloch He did $900m in sales last year on something you touch every day

207 Ezra Firestone How Male Marketer Does $1.5m Per Month In Womens Cosmetics with Ezra Firestone of Boom! By Cindy Joseph (Coming soon on iTunes here)
196 Brian Adams 30,000 Pounds Per Day, Efficiency Machine Did $7m Last Year on Industrial Planks with Brian Adams of
189 Nathan Rothstein He Made $750k in November, 2015 From Tee Shirt Quilts?
175 Allon Bloch He did $900m in sales last year on something you touch every day
168 Scott Hutchison He Turned $200 Into $15m. You Won’t Believe How He Did It.
163 John Lee Dumas “I bought 20,000 Freedom Journals at $6.50 each”
161 Tom Hunt You’re a corporate guy selling mens leggings on the side?
157 Allison Schaaf She Moved from Time Intensive 1 on 1 Consulting to $10k/mo Passive Recurring with Printables
149 Michael Devlin How to Predict Sales Success on Amazon with this Algorithm
145 Elijah Montecelli He’s 23, an artist, and has sold $6k Apple Watch bands
139 James Marks He’s doing $330k/mo aiming for $10m Valuation with James Marks
136 Vincent van de Poll We 3d Print Minion Cases for Walmart
132 Matt Gallant His supplement company did $280k last month, here’s how
128 Scott Voelker How I use BSR’s to sell $307k on Amazon last month
123 Trisha Roy She’s Making $25k/mo Shipping Curtains And More
94 Rob Burke 24 year old invents music through teeth with Rob Burke
90 Sonya Petcavic Quitting Corporate and Going all In With Her Own $50k with Sonya
86 Stephen Conn How a Gay Fashion Brand Does $500k/Year in Revenue With a Membership
59 Vinnie Fisher $1.3m Gross and $160k Net Last Month on “Krill” with 4-Kid Dad Vinnie Fisher
46 Molly Hahn Artist Uses a Clever Tactic to Make $28k/mo From Her Sketches of THIS?!
42 Yuri Elkaim $75k in MRR From one Funnel with $235 Customer LTV with Yuri Elkaim
30 Noah Rasheta How An Idea For His Kid Led To $400k/yr WalMart Deal for Iphone Accessory with Noah Rasheta
7 Kevin Lavelle How To Quit Corporate, Use Stinky Sweat and Mark Cuban to Grow Shirt Company 4-5x YOY
4 Nick Kneuper How 350 Electric Bra’s Launched a $10m Freaky Apparel Business

the Top Podcast Review 8

Real Estate

**FEATURED: 153 Mark Gagner How to Use Friends Money at 8% Annual Interest Rate To Profit $500k+ For Yourself

194 Engelo Rumora The Right Way to Do Real Estate with Engelo Rumora
153 Mark Gagner How to Use Friends Money at 8% Annual Interest Rate To Profit $500k+ For Yourself
138 Mark Podolsky He sells land and collects passive checks for 12% consistent annual returns
120 Justin and Tara Williams Cute Couple Nets $4m in Real Estate, 150+ Deals with Justin and Tara Williams
109 Joshua Dorkin How BiggerPockets Grew to 10,000+ paying $9/mo with Joshua Dorkin

The Top Podcast Review 9


**FEATURED: 31 Mike Hardenbrook One Growth Tactic Got Him $250k and a Spot In The Worlds Top Accelerator, Techstars with Mike Hardenbrook

202 Jon Gillion 0-$50k/Mo in 4 Months with Jon Gillion from Roost
198 Nicholas Tart Freelance Marketplace AwesomeWeb Hits 1100 Active Freelancers With Nick Tart
191 Tony Stubblebine Jack Dorseys Last Boss
106 Greg Pietruszynski He’s 28, In Poland, and wants a $20m Valuation!
74 Ryan Farley He Quit a Six Figure Salary Job and Built a LawnCare Company That’s Raised 6m+ in Funding!
31 Mike Hardenbrook One Growth Tactic Got Him $250k and a Spot In The Worlds Top Accelerator, Techstars with Mike Hardenbrook
26 Shahar Gilad From Working at Apple to 99Designs for Music Production with Shahar Gilad

The Top Podcast Review 10

Billion Dollars Business’

**FEATURED: 129 Tim Draper He’s raised $10b+ all in, Invested in Musk, Skype, and wants to split up california
199 Mohit Aron Inventor of Hyper-Convergence Sitting On $150m+ Valuation and $77m Raised with Mohit Aron of Cohesity
175 Allon Bloch He did $900m in sales last year on something you touch every day
9 Cameron Johnson 15 Year Old Sits on Japanese Company Board, Makes $15k/day From Beenie Babies, Now Sells $80M/year In Product You Wouldn’t Guess

The Top Podcast Review 11

Get More Impressions Businesses (Blogs, Consumer Apps)
**FEATURED: 187 Whitson Gordon How Lifehacker Went from 1m to 10m Monthly Uniques Fast with Whitson Gordon
185 Shaan Puri Blab goal is 7% week over week growth. Here’s how the Founder will do it.
158 Taylor Peck How He Got 25m To Take a Political Quiz with Taylor Peck
154 Ida Tin From motorcycles to $10m Fertility App with 3m Monthly Users
150 Kelvin Lockwood Will he reach 1m MAU by Dec. 2016?
113 Bill Hankes 0 to 6% Market Share in 3 Months with Former Microsoft Bing Director
91 Brian Brushwood Do you make alot of money producing reality shows?
84 Bazi Hassan How to Spend $.05 Per Click and Make $2 On that Same Click with Bazi Hassan
72 Greg Rollett He Uses a $1400 Magazine Add to Drive $8700/mo in New Revenue Every Month
50 Sujan Patel See How Easily You Can Get Featured in Forbes, Inc, and Entrepreneur with Sujan Patel
38 Neil Patel How To Capture 1000+ Emails Per Day with Neil Patel (…and what he’s doing next)35 Jeff Bullas When A Blogger Has 70,000 Leads, What Do They Do To Make Money?
16 Jorday Gray Grabbing Impressions from Any Blog You Want Using This Phrase and Sex strategies

The Top Podcast Review 12

Agency Model

**FEATURED: 155 Vincent Harris Dorm Room Startup Now Rand Paul’s Internet Army, $1.3m Revenues

181 Kristi Zulhke You won’t believe what she quit corporate P&G for.
165 Nehal Kazim His Revenue Goal Was $600k. His Plan? Fire or Get Fired.
160 Jenn Scalia It is Possible to have 5 year old and do 5 figures every month with Jenn Scalia
159 Eric Siu He Bought a $150k/mo Agency for $2 with Eric Siu
155 Vincent Harris Dorm Room Startup Now Rand Paul’s Internet Army, $1.3m Revenues
134 Gilbert Welsford I produce events and made $100k in September, 2015
102 Christo Hall Pro Surfer to $2m in 12 months with this product?
101 Wes Schaeffer 7 Kids and $500k In Revenue With Wes Schaeffer
96 Chris Sanfiliippo He makes $100k/mo from “Revenge Porn”
76 Lori Latka My mom takes over the show: Buys Real Estate Business, Moves to Horse Ranch for Simple Dream
75 Chris Merkle How he went from intern, to $60k on his first deal, to $3m in revenue this year
63 Alex Harris Staying small and winning big with 6 clients who pay $5k/mo with Alex Harris
62 Brandon Epstein He has a six pack and charges $1k/mo for Instagram consulting to mega-rich clients?
60 Justin Brooke What if growing your one person agency to $90k+/mo was this simple?
57 James Hickey 2 Ways Anyone Can Generate $5k/month with James Hickey
25 Greg Hickman From $110k corporate gig to startup failure, then what? With Greg Hickman.
22 Jaime Turner From Freelance College Speaking to $100k/yr In Speaking Fees with Jaime Turner
18 Franklin Cole From Underwear to $40m In Revenue and Seven figure clients with Franklin Cole

The Top Podcast Review 13


**FEATURED: 46 Molly Hahn Artist Uses a Clever Tactic to Make $28k/mo From Her Sketches of THIS?!

89 Ezra Winter From Poker Player to Magician to $5m Advertisements
88 Colin Huggins How a NYC Piano Street Performer Makes $100k/ Year
10 Ben Uyeda The Creative Way to Invest $250k and Make $1.5M on Boston Real Estate
46 Molly Hahn Artist Uses a Clever Tactic to Make $28k/mo From Her Sketches of THIS?!


If you enjoy this daily podcast, you’ll also enjoy Nathan’s snaps on snapchat (username nlatka), and his daily book notes here.

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