At 27, You Won’t Believe What His Agency Is Doing for Redbull

Ty Stafford

In Episode #247 Nathan interviews Ty Stafford, a video strategist and advertising innovator who featured in this year’s Forbes 300 under 30 list. Ty’s won awards at the Webbies and Streamies, and has worked with the likes of Walmart, Red Bull and Ubisoft. Listen as Nathan and Ty drill down into content marketing, social media, and the future of brand management.

Famous 5

  • Favorite Book? – Orbiting the Giant Hairball
  • What CEO do you follow? — Stefan Kozak
  • What is your favorite online tool?— Youtube Analytics
  • Do you get 8 hours of sleep?— Not a chance
  • If you could let your 20 year old self know one thing, what would it be?— Nothing! I hope my 20 year old self could stay as optimistic and naive as I did – otherwise I wouldn’t have had a chance.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:20 – Nathan’s introduction
  • 02:00 – Welcoming Ty to the show
  • 02:17 – What Ty’s doing right now
  • 02:35 – Currently helping Red Bull translate social media campaign into sales
  • 04:00 – Red Bull is focusing on Facebook for their content marketing
  • 05:30 – The challenge of measuring sales impact
  • 06:20 – 100,000 views a day is the goal for a piece of content
  • 07:20 – Aiming to keep costs of each video beneath $1,000
  • 07:50 – Paid a yearly retainer for the project
  • 08:30 – Pay range in the high 6 figures
  • 09:33 – Omelette currently has around 20 big-brand clients
  • 10:20 – Why Ty loves working for Omelette
  • 12:30 – How social media content is breaking the traditional model for TV and film
  • 15:50 – Famous Five

3 Key Points:

  1. Stay optimistic. If you don’t know what you can’t do…you’ll do it.
  2. Surround yourself with creative people.
  3. Top-notch content marketing has to translate into sales if it’s going to pay off.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Freshbooks – The site Nathan uses to manage his invoices and accounts.
  • Host Gator – The site Nathan uses to buy his domain names and hosting for cheapest price possible.
  • Leadpages – The drag and drop tool Nathan uses to quickly create his webinar landing pages which convert at 35%+
  • Audible – Nathan uses Audible when he’s driving from Austin to San Antonio (1.5 hour drive) to listen to audio books.