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Billion Dollar CEO’s:Allon Bloch He did $900m in sales last year on something you touch every day

SaaS: Brandon Bruce: Cirrus Insights Hits $6MM ARR, 1:3 LTV to CAC Ratio, Sub 2% Churn, No Funding

List Building: Kimra Luna: How to Use to 10k List to Drive $880k Launch with Kimra Luna

Launching Book: Jay Papasan: If You Want to Sell 27,000 Books In One Week, Do These 3 Things with Jay Papasan

Exit Stories: Nathan Latka Sold Heyo, Here’s What’s Next

E-Commerce: Ezra Firestone: How Male Marketer Does $1.5m Per Month In Womens Cosmetics with Ezra Firestone of Boom! By Cindy Joseph

Crowdfunding: Zach Smith The $40m Genius Behind Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

Real Estate: Mark Gagner How to Use Friends Money at 8% Annual Interest Rate To Profit $500k+ For Yourself

Venture Capitalists: Tim Draper He’s raised $10b+ all in, Invested in Musk, Skype, and wants to split up california

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