SaaS: LiquidPlanner Goes Niche Project Management, $6m+ in ARR


Liz Pearce is Chief Executive Officer at LiquidPlanner, the fast-growing Seattle-based maker of predictive project management technology. She is responsible for the company’s overall vision, strategic direction, and growth.

Liz is an entrepreneurial leader with more than 15 years of marketing, product management, and technology leadership experience. She started her career at LiquidPlanner as Director of Marketing in 2007 before being named COO in 2011 and CEO in August of 2012.

Power of customer focus:

40-50% of new clients are engineering companies moving to the cloud. Lots of concurrent, complex problems. The stakes are very high.

She’s churning off low ARPU clients for higher ARPU engineering team clients who more closely depend on accurate project management.

Business Growth

Growing 10-30% year over year in revenue. In mid 2016 LiquidPlanner was doing $650,000/mo. Today they are around $845,000 per month doing “between $5m-$15m in ARR this year”.

Customer Unit Economics

She’s reduced payback period down to about 14 months, paying anywhere from $7500 to $15000 to acquire a new customer who pays $10k in year one ACV (annual contract value).

With over 1800 paying customers they have just about 100 net revenue retention.