Were you ever surprised at a Spotify Board Meeting?

Frank Meehan The Top Podcast Episode 166

In Episode #166, Nathan speaks with Frank Meehan, the co-founder of Spark Lab Global Ventures a global early stage ventures capital firm. Listen as Nathan and Frank talk about how to effectively run a board meeting and the numbers of Spark Lab Global Ventures.

Famous 5

  • Favorite Book?— Only the Paranoid Survive by Andrew S. Grove
  • What CEO do you follow?— Mark Zuckerberg
  • What is your favorite online tool?— Slack
  • Do you get 8 hours of sleep?— No
  • If you could let your 20 year old self know one thing, what would it be?— Be more ruthless.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 01:00 – Nathan’s introduction to today’s show.
  • 01:42 – Frank joins the show.
  • 01:52 – Frank left Horizons Ventures because he wanted to be more independent.
  • 02:48 – Frank was involved in Spotify’s development team.
  • 03:27 – Countries like Sweden, Israel, and Korea work hard but have to go global because the local market is limited.
  • 04:35 – When it comes to boards, generally an entrepreneur doesn’t want to start with too many people on them.
  • 05:17 – Frank gives general advice on managing a board.
  • 06:50 – Talk to your board members individually before a board meeting and ensure it’s clear what’ll be discussed during the board meeting.
  • 07:03 – Because of good planning by his partner, Frank’s never been surprised at a Spotify board meeting.
  • 08:40 – Don’t be afraid to manage your board strongly. But do it before the board meeting.
  • 09:03 – Spark Labs Global Ventures ran a fund of 30 million in 2014.
  • 09:57 – A core strength of Spark Lab Global Ventures is scouting to the U.S. from Asia and vice versa.
  • 10:56 – There’s a lot of investing going into Asia.
  • 11:22 – SAAS companies transferred to Asia can get up to 30-40X on annual recurring revenue.
  • 12:30 – Of the 30 million Sparks Labs Global Ventures raised, the company’s deployed about half of it.
  • 13:43 – One of Frank’s businesses’ main pull is that it’s incredibly well connected – it can identify hot businesses quickly.
  • 17:02 – Famous Five

3 Key Points:

  1. Don’t be afraid of managing your board strongly. Get every member up-to-date on what’ll be discussed clearly before a board meeting.
  2. SAAS companies can thrive in Asia, getting up to 30-40X on annual recurring revenue compared to being based in America.
  3. Core strengths of Spark Lab Global Ventures include being well connected and scouting to the U.S. from Asia and vice versa.

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Frank Meehan is the co-founder of Spark Labs Global Ventures a global early stage ventures capital firm based in San Francisco, Korea, Singapore, Tel-Aviv, and London. Frank was previously with Horizon Ventures, where he served on the board of Spotify, Siri, Summly, Affectiva, and many others.